Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Videos from Days 1 & 2

Kyle on Day 1-Thank you for explaining so eloquently why we are here.

This is footage of a General Assembly on Day 2, when we were very young as a group. We are currently in our adolescence stage-we have grown so much and come a long way, but we are still continuing to grow. Our attendees at the time of this video were less than 20 participants. As of 10:30pm Tuesday, after official curfew, our numbers were over 100 participants. The internal organization continues to grow every day. At the time of this video, I hardly knew any of these participants. Because I chose to be present and to participate, I have made many amazing, insightful, and intelligent friends. Join our efforts and help us grow today!

Paul, Ryan, Arthur, Jason, Kyle, Kerry, filmed by Carmalene


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  1. So, what are your movements demands? The speakers keep mentioning "our demands" but they never say what they are. How will you all know when you have accomplished your goals?