Thursday, October 6, 2011

70 Cops arrive Kiener Plaza shortly after midnight

At the time of this post, there are 10 confirmed arrests. Citations were issued less than 24 hours ago to participants staying past curfew.

This is a bad precedence for our movement. The police are among the 99%. These participants are a beacon that speaks out for the silenced majority. All of our wages have been stagnant for decades at the expense of wall street financial wizards ever-increasing salaries & bonuses. Police pensions were fleeced by recklessness on Wall St as well. Rather than enforcing arbitrary curfew laws, perhaps the police should consider the intent of this movement. We are not your enemies. We intend to lead a peaceful discussion about transcendence from this economic abuse. Men in uniform, join us.


Ash & Bryan taking one for the team. You two have serious courage <3

Police arrive to make arrests late Wednesday night

It's true, we're supporting the police too.

 Protesting outside jail


  1. It took the STLMPD 10 months to run a fingerprint for a break-in at my house, we have 3 unsolved murders in my neighborhood, drug dealers and hookers like to use the local park for business... but they find that kind of manpower and time for a park curfew violation?

  2. I agree, they really should reconsider their priorities. There are much bigger crimes to focus on. Any ideas how to get them on our side, since we're on THEIR side?